“Yolande is an inveterate explorer, constantly discovering and creating new techniques. As the creative force behind Callidus Guild, she enjoys a complex role; part artist, part artisan, part alchemist.”


Callidus Guild is the vision of principal artist Yolande Milan Batteau, a trained and exhibited fine artist who brings decades of aesthetic and decorative skills to the studio. Batteau has honed her knowledge and physical mastery of hundreds of ancient materials and methods over the last 25 years, drawing inspiration from natural phenomena and artistic anthropologies alike. Batteau's surfaces involve pushing marble dust, encaustic, resin, leaf and micaceous powders beyond their historical limits. Callidus Guild conceives, designs and installs surfaces and wallpapers for some of the world’s most illustrious clients, including Chanel, Tiffany & Co and Graff Diamonds.

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